Request Assistance from the Phaneuf Family Foundation

To ensure the Foundation’s funds go to those most needing assistance to carry out a dignified farewell, applicants for Foundation grants should apply and be approved for welfare assistance. In New Hampshire, that application is made to your city or town; in Vermont, applications go to the state. Foundation grants are most often approved to make up the difference between what welfare covers and the cost of a funeral or cremation. The maximum grant amount is $1,000. In special circumstances, Foundation funds may be used for non-welfare situations, at the discretion of the Foundation.

You can download an application here or submit the form below.

The foundation’s maximum distribution amount to any one request by a family, organization or student will not exceed $1,000. Donations are eligible for deceased residents of the states of New Hampshire and Vermont, and the donations can be used to cover funeral- or cremation-related costs, ranging from a transportation fee to a complete cremation.

Requests for distributions for a cremation or funeral may be made by a family member, friend, funeral director, social worker, hospice or nursing home employee or other interested party.

Requests for donations to hospice or caregiver organizations should be made by the director of the hospice or caregiver organization.

Requests for scholarships should be made by the student.

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