Our Mission is to Help Families Say Goodbye

“There is a need to help families who don’t have enough to pay for a dignified farewell.”

Arthur O. (Buddy) Phaneuf, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

The Phaneuf Family Foundation formed with this three-fold mission:


To provide financial assistance for funeral or cremation arrangements for individuals and families that cannot afford to finalize a service


To provide monetary support to hospice and other caregiver organizations


To give scholarships to students attending New England Mortuary College

Mission One

Many cities and towns provide a limited amount of financial assistance to families who cannot afford the total cost of a cremation or funeral service through their welfare departments. However, the financial assistance provided may not cover the least expensive service. The foundation was formed, in part, to meet that need. You can help provide a dignified farewell for New Hampshire or Vermont residents.

Mission Two

Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium has long been associated with many professional caregiving organizations in New England. The foundation allows us to offer additional monetary resources to the caregivers and hospice employees who provide support to those at their greatest time of need.

Mission Three

The foundation is also looking to provide financial assistance to students getting into the funeral industry.

“I am pleased that we will support the next generation of funeral directors via scholarships,” Buddy Phaneuf said. “I know student loans can be challenging, and these students are the future of our industry.”

Justice Statement

We at the Phaneuf Family Foundation are deeply committed to social and racial justice. This is demonstrated as we carry out our Mission of working with families in need, as well as those who pass away without family members in order to honor loss and celebrate life for all those in the communities we serve.

A NH 501(c)(3) organization

243 Hanover St. Manchester NH 03104